How to remove carpet stains.

Carpet cleaning can not be called a holiday, it is a necessary thing in the life of a desperate housewife or a householder.

A carpet of artificial or natural fibers – it is a problem, of course it is better not to have in the house such carpet, personally, I gave it up, because it gathers on itself all the dust and harmful microbes, dirt, that is animal hair and different kind of stains.

there is a carpet in the house.

When I had the carpet, I was cleaning it with washing vacuum cleaner. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, I cleaned the carpet by hand, creating my own solution.How to prepare a solution for cleaning a carpet with the available means.

Mix together: water, a little vinegar, 96% alcohol solution and a bit of soap foam. How it looks in practice? Take not a very deep pot, pour water into it, dissolve soap in the water, up to a light foam and 1.5 tablespoons of vinegar and the same amount of alcohol. Apply on the carpet and rub with a cloth in a circular motion. The inexpensive technique, without any professional cleaning chemicals. This carpet cleaning method is most advantageous and convenient at the time when there is no other.

A couple of ways of removal of stains from the carpet:

One way – this detergent bleach “Vanish”. Gentle bleach, is used for cleaning stains on wearable things, for cleaning other fibers. To do this, the liquid “Vanish” pour on the stain without creating any pre-solution and leave on the contaminated site for half an hour. After rub with brush containing bristles of medium hardness. If necessary, repeat the procedure and leave the bleach for an hour.

The next way of removal of stains from the carpet – steam cleaning. Take a steam iron for vertical ironing, pour over a stain with steam, apply any detergent, then this place should be subjected to the flow of steam at least three times. After such procedure, rub the place of stain with wetted in any cleaning solution (soap, washing powder) cloth. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

How to clean the silverware?

Certainly in every home there is a couple of silver cutlery. Usually these items are handed down from generation to generation, and are dear to each family as an heirloom.

Over the years on the silver product appears dark gray or black coating that is called patina. By the thickness of the gray plaque, jewelers determine the age of the silverware. The blacker the product, the higher its value.

But what if the product is used on the common family holidays. In this case, cutlery with a touch of patina will not look quite aesthetically pleasing. It is necessary to polish them to a shine for their conform with the white tablecloths and the crystal glasses.

You should careful to clean silverware to avoid the damaging of the structure of the drawing or engraving. The most effective way to get rid of the patina is ordinary soda. Plug the drain plug in the sink, cover the bottom with the foil, lay out all your silver, pour boiling water. Pour soda. When the water has cooled slightly, you can rinse in this water all silver cutlery, remove and put on a dry towel. Then rub the product with a cloth or flannel to a mirror shine.

Another simple way to clean silverware using ammonia. But this method is more suitable for small silverware. It is necessary to lower the spoon or saucer silver into a container with ammonia and to leave for 15-20 minutes. Then rub the product with ordinary toothpaste and brush and rinse with warm water. Silver cutlery will look like new.

It is also possible to bleach the silver with citric acid. In a glass jar of 0.75 liter pour 100 grams of citric acid, then put the spoons or forks, and pour all with the warm water. Put a glass jar into a metal pan, filled with water, and put on fire. It turns out a kind of water bath. The water in the saucepan must boil for 30 minutes. After the water has cooled, remove the silver and rinse in a solution of soda – 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water.