How to clean a stove.

Enameled stove.

If your stove is equipped with an enameled surface, avoid using of cleaning products, which include acid and other powders containing abrasives because they can harm the enamel. When cleaning the enameled surface, do not use metal brushes and sponges.

One of the available means that are suitable for enamel cleaning – the usual washing powder, dissolved in water, but the surface itself should not be exposed to the powder particles. Baking soda mixed in water with detergent, is also suitable for cleaning the plate, including the oven. After cleaning of stove with such a solution, wipe it with clean water, and then the cleaning cloth.

Stove with ceramic surface.

Cleaning of stove with glass ceramic surface should be made only after full cooling. To clean the stove from burnt food, you can use the special scrapers. After removing of all stains and dirt, wipe the stove with a soft, dry cloth. The main feature of cleaning of glass ceramic stove – you should avoid falling on the surface of detergents containing soap. Even a small amount of soapy water remaining on the glass ceramic surface, when heated will burn and discolor the stove.

Stove of stainless steel.

The surface of the stove of stainless steel should be cleaned with the use of gels and creams. Powdered agents will leave scratches and cracks, which are clogged with fat. The cleaning process does not require much effort, you should pay attention to polishing. Polishing carried out by specialized oil deposited on the microfiber cloth. Polishing agents can be purchased at a hardware store.

The contents of the cooker in an ideal frequency – the duty of conscientious housewife. And the culinary delights cooked on clean stove, will be even tastier and healthier.